Blue Collar Lists is an app that allows contractors to gain an edge. You can gain insight into homes and projects before you drive out or have to submit a bid. Important information that you previously didn’t have access to is now right at your fingertips. Review customers, track bid activity anonymously, and more with Blue Collar Lists. The most versatile tool in your toolbox.

See Bid Activity

With the Blue Collar Lists app, you can see the bid activity on projects in your area based on the trade that you work in. This allows you to make a more informed decision about whether you want to bid and how much you should bid. Checking bid activity is anonymous, too, so you don’t impact your business at all by doing a little research. This part of the tool helps give you insight into what the market in your area is looking like and helps you find opportunities for more, high-quality business.

Read Real Reviews

One of the key features of Blue Collar Lists is its ability to let contractors review homeowners. Usually, contractors are in the dark when they first show up at a home. They’ve had some phone conversations, but that doesn’t always tell you about the person that you’re working with. Blue Collar Lists has real reviews from real contractors, and the amount of reviews is always growing. Finally, you can get an impression of the homeowner you’re working with before you enter the home. Finding customers that work well with your style leads to more business and repeat business, that’s where reviews can help. You even get rewarded for leaving reviews yourself after you complete a project. Every review that you write earns you points towards incredible rewards from brands like Carhart, DeWalt, Milwaukee, The Home Depot, and more.

Accurate Property Data

All of the features of Blue Collar Lists are useful for contractors, but perhaps one of the most useful is having the property data for all of the homes in your area all in one place. You can see the value of a home, which the owner is, the price of its last sale, and much more all without leaving the app. Viewing the property is easy as well, with our Google Maps integration. Our information is always up to date and accurate to help you stay informed about potential jobs.

The Only App For Contractors

There’s never been an app for contractors to give them the information they need and help them track their jobs all in one place, that’s where Blue Collar Lists comes in. It’s an all-in-one solution where contractors can gain useful information about projects easily and use their time more effectively. It’s better for business when you aren’t the dark and don’t take on troublesome jobs that just aren’t worth it for you.

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