Blue Collar Lists is an that was built for contractors to gain an edge with information that they can’t get elsewhere. It’s the first app that was built specifically for contractors to get access to property data, reviews about homeowners in your area who have worked with contractors like you. We built this app because contractors often don’t have a voice, and nowadays are often getting leads from online sources. Blue Collar Lists is giving some power back to contractors. Without the need for overly technical software, you can start working smarter and not harder with this useful mobile app. 

Keep Important Info All in One Place

One of the key features of Blue Collar Lists is its ability to keep your projects organized. While on the road, you gain check out home values, sale dates, and more for over 140m properties. This info can help you decide whether or not a job is a fit for your particular business. Once you do have a lead, you can send a form to the homeowner right through the app to get project info like budget, timelines, and more. Communication with homeowners is much easier when you’ve got everything organized for you—no need to go through voicemails and emails and scratch down notes. You’re already using your phone to take photos of your projects, communicate with customers, and navigate to jobs, why not do that all in one easy to use app?

Make Sure The Job is a Fit Before Committing 

On top of the project management and database capabilities of Blue Collar Lists, it also gives you insight into projects before you bid on them. Blue Collar Lists allows you to see if other contractors in your trade have bid on a job, so you know how competitive the bid will be. All information besides trade is anonymous, so no one’s privacy is invaded. You’re also able to see what other contractors think of homeowners that they’ve worked with in your area. This allows you to get a better idea of the scope of a project and the customer than a phone call or email exchange. No one wants to waste time on tire kickers or homeowners who aren’t committed to home improvement projects.

Get Rewarded for Doing Your Job

The whole point of Blue Collar Lists is to help contractors work more efficiently and give them crucial information that they may not have if they don’t have a business team behind them. But we also want to reward our users for leaving reviews and helping grow the app, so by using the app; you earn rewards points towards awesome prizes from brands like Milwaukee, Yeti & more. Reporting tire kickers, leaving reviews, and inviting contractors that you know helps you earn more. 

Work smarter, not harder with Blue Collar Lists.

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