Any project, small or large, residential or commercial, requires clean up once the work is done for the day. Contracting projects and really, any project requires tools and materials. The job isn’t done until the site is cleaned up and ready for the homeowner or property owner to use the space once you’re ready to head home for the day. Maintaining a clean work area is a strong sign of professionalism in the trades and a key part of the job that a client notices. It’s the least exciting part of the job but a necessity for building a strong reputation and business. Keep reading for why keeping your job site clean is essential.

Safe & Productive Work Site

Keeping you and your employees safe on a job site should be your top priority. There will likely be tools coming in and out of the job site, and tempting to leave them around for convenience, but leaving tools around is a tripping hazard when people are carrying materials and focused on work and not dodging cords. The same goes for protruding nails and screws, when you aren’t the only one working in a space, you can’t leave potential hazards around like these. 

When a space is clean, everyone can solely focus on their work and not maneuvering around obstacles. Less distraction and mess helps everyone find and account for tools and materials much easier. It’s a strong part of staying organized. 

Building Loyalty

As a contractor, repeat business is hugely important. A messy job site will have a customer questioning the quality of your work. It’s easier for a client to track progress when a workspace is cleaned and organized. They are spending a significant amount of money and want to be sure they hired the right person for the job. For some, cleanliness can be indicative of the quality, and the client may rethink the relationship or have critiques of your work. 

Properly maintained and cleaned workspaces are a great step in completing a job well done. It’s something that clients notice and can lead to repeat business when the client needs additional work done on their home. Clients will often refer you to friends, family, and neighbors if they had a quality experience working with you. 

Reviews & Photos

Today, potential clients browse the web for contractors with positive reviews for the type of project that they need done, so your business needs to have a positive online reputation. Not everyone has a friend or neighbor that has worked with a contractor recently.

A positive reputation online will help you find new business and gain more repeat clients; keeping the job site clean throughout is a part of this. Photos are often a big part of reviews and are a way to show off your work. A sloppy job is a bad photo op. Keep it clean during the process, not just for before and after videos. 

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