Blue Collar Lists is an app that was built for contractors to gain an advantage in the field. There are so many websites out there for homeowners to review contractors, but there was never anything for contractors to review homeowners. With Blue Collar Lists, you can do just that but also store important information about jobs that you’re working on and potential future bids. The app is easy to use and built for contractors to stay organized and stop wasting time on bad jobs.

Project Info & Project Folder

Before bidding on any projects, Blue Collar Lists allows you to collect data about the project from the homeowner. This includes photos, project budget, contact info, & more. Once you’ve got the info from the customer, it’s entered into your Project Folder, where it is neatly organized. This is all before you even get on the road, you can access data from over 140 million properties, like the appraised value, last sale data, and more. There is no need for messy notepads or jotting down notes on lumber yard receipts. It can be difficult to stay organized as a small business, but everyone has their phone handy today, and now there’s a tool to help keep your customers happy and you working on jobs that are worth your time. 

Vet The Job Before You Begin

You never want to be in the dark heading into a project. Before Blue Collar Lists, there was no way for contractors to know who they’re going to be working with before showing up at a home. You can see real reviews about homeowners in your area and decide if they’re a good fit for you before you even reach out. You’re also able to see anonymous bid activity on projects, so you know if there is any competition for the job. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can make better business decisions and work more efficiently. 

Get Rewarded

Blue Collar Lists is a tool for contractors to gain an edge over the competition by finding qualified leads in your area, but there are also some cool rewards for using the app. Reporting tire kickers, leaving reviews, inviting contractors to the app, and more helps you earn points towards rewards and sweepstakes entries for awesome prizes from DeWalt, The Home Depot, Milwaukee, Yeti & more. Our goal is to build a community of contractors helping each other grow their businesses by eliminating time spent on poor quality leads or driving around searching for an address. 

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