Between power equipment, sharp tools, and several workers in one area, construction sites are known to be dangerous and accidents are bound to happen. While some accidents are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to help keep your job site safe and prevent most accidents. 

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated and drinking more water keeps you alert and drastically reduces the risk of accidents. Always keep enough water on site for yourself and your team, especially on hot and humid days.

Wear Protective Footwear

Construction equipment is heavy and tools will fall on a construction site. Keep your feet protected and avoid damage to your toes by always wearing protective footwear when you’re on a work site. The most common protective footwear are steel-toed and composite-toed boots. In recent years, composite-toe boots have become increasingly popular as they provide the same, if not better, protection to your toes as steel-toed boots but are lighter in weight and keep your feet warmer.

Run Any Cords Along the Edge of a Building or Room

Loose cords are a tripping hazard and when you’re carrying equipment or sharp tools, you want to prevent trips and falls as much as possible. To help reduce slips, trips, and falls on the work site and keep your team safe, get in the habit of running any cords along the edge of a building or room, out of harm’s way. 

Be Prepared

Always be prepared for any accidents on job sites by keeping a well-stocked first aid kit on you at all times. Having access to bandaids for small cuts, instant ice packs for bumps and bruises, and other resources for worse accidents will help your team react to injuries faster. 

Maintain a Three-Point Grip

If you’re using scaffolding or a ladder on your job site, always maintain a three-point grip to avoid any injuries. This means that two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand should always be in contact with the scaffolding or ladder at all times. Keep your body close to the frame and avoid leaning to ensure you maintain balance.

Turn Down the Music & Put Away Cell Phones

Music and cell phones can be very distracting on the job site. If you want music playing while working, keep the volume low so you can hear those around you to avoid accidentally hitting your team with tools or lumber. Always keep your phone put away in your tool box, pocket, or truck to avoid the distraction while using sharp tools or heavy equipment.

Keep Your Job Site Clean

Lingering tools, equipment, and debris are the common causes of most trips, slips, and falls while on the job site. To help avoid any accidents, always put tools and equipment back where they belong and clean up any debris on the ground. If you’re demoing a space, always bend nails down right away to avoid anyone stepping on them.

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