Blue Collar Lists can help you stay organized on your roofing jobs!

Our team at Blue Collar Lists knows that one of the biggest challenges for any roofer is finding jobs & staying organized. With so many jobs to balance and keep track of, details can often slip between the cracks. If you’ve been looking for an app that will help you keep all of your important information organized, you’ve come to the right place!

Blue Collar Lists is unique app, designed with the contractor in mind. While there are plenty of apps that help customers review contractors and submit their feedback, our team felt like there was a need for an app that allowed contractors to provide their feedback on working with a particular customer, or feedback on the bidding process. Today, Blue Collar Lists is happy to be able to offer our app to roofers in need! Let’s explore more of the benefits below:

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Blue Collar Lists And Roofers

Our team knows that one of the most difficult aspects of any roof replacement project is the task of keeping all of your details organized. From keeping track of the homeowners and address, to matching up your pictures with the job itself, many roofers have been searching for a way to keep track of the important information. That’s where Blue Collar Lists comes in.

Our team’s Project Folder helps you keep all of your job information neatly organized by folders, ensuring that no matter how busy you get, your roof replacements always stay on pace and you’re on top of every aspect of the job. If you’ve been struggling to keep your information organized when working on multiple roof replacements at once, Blue Collar Lists is the app you’ve been looking for!

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