With a new year comes new remodeling trends, and plenty of homeowners who are looking to renovate their homes. This means there is a perfect opportunity for contractors to get ahead of the curve and position themselves as cutting-edge industry experts, providing homeowners with unique solutions to 2021’s home design dilemmas! If you’re interested in learning a bit more about which remodeling trends are going to be big this year, check out our blog for more information!

Work-from-Home Continues to Reign Supreme

For many people, 2021 is primed to be the year that life can return to normal. As we begin to get COVID under control, there are plenty of people itching to see family & friends, and get back to work. However, there are many other people and companies who have realized how convenient and beneficial work from home life can be. This means that even as restrictions are lifted, there are many companies who will continue with the work-from-home path, and having a proper home office will be a major renovation trend in 2021.

If you’re looking to get prepared, it’s best to have a few functional ideas in mind that help blur the lines between home & work, creating multi-functional spaces. It’s also a good idea to think about sound-proofing and how you can make a quiet getaway right around the corner from the chaos that often exists at home, especially for those with kids.

Going Green

Another trend thats primed for growth this year is green building. With a return to a green future, there will be many incentives for property owners to add sustainable energy or green renovations to their homes. From solar & wind, to rainwater collection, to better quality windows & doors to help reduce energy loss, 2021 is going to be a big year for green buildings, and having a team that’s ready to assist with those needs could be crucial!

Blurring the Indoors & Outdoors

Another renovation trend that is set to take-off this year is sun & three season rooms, as more homeowners look to create an outdoor oasis in their own backyards. Since COVID has limited our ability to travel and get outdoors, having a beautiful indoor-outdoor space that allows you to enjoy nature from the comfort of your home will be a major focus for many homeowners this spring & summer!

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