Demolition isn’t easy work by any means, but with some proper planning, you can have smoother demolition days. It can be one of the more enjoyable and therapeutic aspects of home remodeling, but can also be dangerous without a strategy in mind. Keep reading for some tips on handling a demolition smoothly. 

Come Up with a Plan

Depending on the scope of space being remodeled and what the rooms are like, the project could be one or multiple days. Use your best judgment to spot damage and find out just how much needs to be torn down. Leave some flexibility in your schedule if you haven’t been able to deeply inspect the space before demolition. 

Bring a Team

Teamwork makes the dream work as they say. With more hands-on-deck, the project will go much more smoothly. Make sure that you have your best workers on hand that won’t mind getting their hands dirty. 

Have the Right Tools for the Job

Hopefully, you’ve had some time to closely inspect the space so that you can bring the proper tools to get the job done. You don’t want to rip open some walls to discover that you don’t have the tools you need to get the job done in a day. You’ll see pry bars, saws, and other typical demolition tools but some projects may require specialized tools. 

Keep Everyone Safe

Safety should be the number one priority when it comes to any remodeling project. You don’t want to assume that your crew members will all have their own basic equipment, bring extra gloves, eye protection, and more to ensure the safety of everyone. You should also have first aid on hand in the event of an accident, they do happen but are usually less serious if you have some basic supplies around.

Have a Plan for Disposal

There are more options for dumpsters and other forms of disposal today than ever before. You have to know what size dumpster you need though. Even seemingly small demo jobs can produce a large amount of waste. It’ll make everything easier if you have one designated place for all of the debris. Moving your trash around is a waste of valuable time. 

Spread Out

If you have a crew helping out your demolition, make sure that space isn’t too cramped. There will be swinging of sledgehammers and other tools and that creates the potential for accidents. Everyone needs space to move around so try to dedicate a person to space where they can stretch out and do their part of the job without having to watch out for others. 

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