Kitchens are one of the most popular home remodeling projects. They provide space for dining and entertaining. Everyone wants their dream kitchen to be one of the hubs of their home. Let’s explore someone the common mistakes that happen when remodeling kitchens. 

The Layout is All Wrong

The layout of your kitchen is one of its most important aspects. It has a huge impact on the look and also feel of the kitchen. A kitchen is used every day, and using it shouldn’t feel like a hassle. Outdated kitchens often don’t fit with homeowners today. The top features of the kitchen should be accessible and out of the way. Today, homeowners need more counter and storage space for all of their kitchen gadgets. Everyone should flow in a triangle, so you don’t have to go far when you need something while cooking or with guests. Cleaning needs to be easy as well when it comes to kitchens. The kitchen, sink, and refrigerator should fit in that triangle pattern that we mentioned earlier.

An Island is Forced In

Kitchen islands are one of the most popular kitchen features. Islands aren’t for everyone, though, and they shouldn’t be just thrown into any kitchen. When there isn’t enough room, an island will cut off an area of the kitchen. A peninsula or another type of storage with counter space is a much better alternative. 

A Wall Oven

One of the biggest trends in kitchen remodels has become the wall oven. It’s become popular thanks to having it tucked away with more kitchen space elsewhere. A wall oven can actually cramp things up, though if the homeowner uses the oven to cook frequently.

Colliding Doors & Drawers

For those who use their kitchens very often, the function is probably the most important aspect. So doors and drawers colliding with each other can make using the kitchen more difficult and even annoying at times. Smart placement and storage options can make the kitchen feel more spacious and open. 

Reusing the Same Design

If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you probably aren’t elated with its current design. So it’s time to switch things up with the footprint of the kitchen. Working with experienced designers can help uncover possibilities with the design of a kitchen. 

Crowded Cooking Area

The kitchen is for cooking, so it should be as easy as possible to get that done. For the safety of everyone in the kitchen, it needs to be clutter-free. There should be space around appliances for cooking and entertaining. 

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