For all professional contractors, tools of the trade are essential to get the job done. For all tradesmen, keeping your tools safe is an imperative part of your job that can’t be overlooked. Construction companies and contractors are often targets for theft, both on the clock and off. Crooks can quickly sell stolen tools on Craigslist, and there’s a slim chance of getting them back. It costs you both time and money when you don’t have the tools to get the job done. This blog has some useful tips to help keep your tools protected and to ensure that you can do business.

Keep Your Shop Well Signed and Lit

Simple security signs can quickly detour thieves, consider adding surveillance signage to your property to help keep out trespassers. Keeping the area well lit is a crucial part of this, neighbors will be able to see suspicious activity, and you’ll be able to scare away thieves who don’t have the cover of darkness. Motion sensor lights provide a more cost-efficient solution than a full camera system. The attention they draw is enough to drive away from most criminals. 

Keep Inventory

Documenting your tools, equipment, and materials is a necessary part of your business. Use your smartphone, take photos of everything, and record the serial numbers for your tools to identify them later if needed. You can also add unique markings onto smaller tools to prove that they are yours if a dispute arises. For larger equipment, you can register it with the National Equipment Register, which is a database that will help you recover your stolen goods. These precautions will also help insurance claims go much more smoothly if you can’t get your tools and equipment back. Taking these steps shows the company that you’re a professional doing business by the book. 

Clean Up & Storage

Cleaning up a job site is a daily task for all contractors. Depending on the project, you may store the tools at the job site or return them to the shop. No matter where you plan to store the tools, make sure that they are all accounted for at the end of the day. Make sure that you take anything with you that can be secured at the job site. Locking storage boxes can be useful for some contractors. Get increased security if you’ve got portable tools that are expensive, it can only take a moment for something to be snatched. Good old fashioned chains and locks can work for bulkier materials. 

Train Your Employees

Many contractors work with or have other people working for them. Making sure that you trust the people around you is the best way to maintain a safe and quality work environment. Have your whole team on the same page for security protocols and ensure that they log and record tools and equipment just like you do. A vigilant and responsible team is the best way to ensure that you walk away from each job site with your hard-earned tools. 

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