Blue Collar Lists was designed by contractors, for contractors, and that makes us unique. We understand the struggles that contractors go through trying to book a job, and the hassle and wasted time that can often be a part of the bidding process. When we started designing Blue Collar Lists, our goal was to make an app that would not only help contractors organize all of their important information into one place, but also help to make the bidding process quick & easy. If you’re interested in learning more about how using Blue Collar Lists can save you time & money, keep reading below to learn more!

See Anonymous Bid History

One of the biggest time wasters for contractors is going to a job site to provide a bid on a job. It’s a necessary part of the process, as you need to meet with the homeowners to see their home and discuss the scope of the work, but plenty of contractors have gone to a job site and provided a bid, just to be passed over because another company is offering the same work at a fraction of the price, even if the quality is not up to par with your company’s work. That’s where our app comes in!

On Blue Collar Lists, you can see anonymous bid activity on job sites, allowing you to know if booking a particular job is highly competitive, and whether it’s time to move on to a different bid. Our anonymous bid activity can help save you time & money while you’re booking your jobs!

Spot Tire Kickers

Another way you can save time & money by using Blue Collar Lists is by spotting tire kickers. One of the worst parts of the bidding process is dealing with tire kickers who collect bids each year just to put their project off again. It’s a waste of time for contractors, which is why our team lets you report tire kickers to help future contractors. Instead of going to a property and providing a homeowner with a bid for a job just to never hear back from them, check out our app to see if any contractors have reported this particular residence as being tire kickers. Never worry about wasting time on an underqualified build again!

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