How You Can Keep Your Projects Organized With Blue Collar Lists

One of the major challenges of any job for contractors is making sure that all of your information stays organized. When you’re juggling a few different jobs at once, it can often be difficult to keep yourself organized and make sure that nothing is slipping through the cracks. That’s where our app comes in. For contractors who have a difficult time keeping themselves on track, our app can be an invaluable tool. Let’s explore more about how our app helps with staying organized below!

Collect Project Info

First off, let’s discuss how Blue Collar Lists can help you gather the information you need to get started on a job. Our app has a feature that allows you to send potential clients an info sheet with important information about their property, including their budget for the project, timeline for the work, their contact info, photos of the work in question, and more! This information can help you keep organized and remember which job is which!

See Bid Activity

In addition to providing you with a sheet to request important information about the job from clients, Blue Collar Lists has another invaluable tool that will allow you to assess whether an estimate is worth your time; our anonymous bid activity tracker. While it won’t tell you how much the bids are for, our activity tracker will allow you to see whether other contractors in your area are bidding on the same job. If you’ve found a job that already has a few bids, you can move onto a different property with less competition, saving you time and money!

My Project Folder

Lastly, we’ve come to our most important feature for staying organized, the project folder. If you’re looking for a tool that helps you keep all of the important information from your project organized in one easy to use place, the project folder is the best tool for the job. One of the biggest challenges for many contractors who are balancing a number of projects at once is making sure that you’re staying on top of every job. Our project folders help you store all of your important information in one place, including photos from the project, the address & property info, any notes about the project, and much more. If you’re tired of taking notes and trying to keep your thoughts organized, our app is the perfect tool to help you stay on track!

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