There is a lot of uncertainty around Covid, especially for small business owners. You shouldn’t be panicking, though; it’s time to adjust to the times to keep your business moving forward. Some may be unable to get back to work in this economy, but contractors can do so safely. It’s the perfect time to make improves and strides in your business to keep it moving rather than sitting back until the world is back to normal. Follow guidelines, but don’t let this time pass you by. 

Go Digital

One of the most important things to do right now is to make sure that your business is in the digital age. You should already have a website and social media accounts, but these have become more important than ever before. The procedures and policies that you institute now will help you in the future. Beyond website and social media, you must make yourself available for questions and estimates virtually. Technology is meant to make things more efficient & easier, take advantage of some tech tools like video conferencing & more to help your customers feel at ease. 

Get Your Crew on Board

Your crew wants to work and be able to make money, especially now; it’s your job to keep them as safe as possible while doing their job. Teach them to use your go-to apps and software to estimate at a distance. It’s the perfect time to get everyone accustomed to tech because it’s not going anywhere.

Let Customers Know

Once you’re ready to take your new skills and tools on the job, you’ve got to make sure that customers know that you’re protecting them and your employees alike. Create an email blast, social media post, and web page, letting everyone know how you’re handling appointments. Use pictures and videos if you can to help give potential customers even more peace of mind. 

Reach out to your old customers and leads especially, letting them know that you’re following guidelines. Always take a positive and safe approach, you never know the stance the particular homeowner will take. Beyond email and postcards, targeted social media ads can be a perfect way to reach homeowners interested in remodeling. 

Think Outside the Box

Consider adding services to your repertoire that you didn’t formerly market. Odd and smaller jobs that you wouldn’t take on during the past can be good ways to keep things moving. It helps build meaningful relationships, especially when you’re showing safety initiatives during this time. Make yourself available; clients feel much safer when talking to the owner or manager of a company. 

Keeping a positive attitude and up to date on your local guidelines is your best bet right now. This isn’t the time to tread water. It’s time to grow and adapt your business. 

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