For contractors, referrals can often be the largest source of new clients. Word of mouth marketing is still the best way to gain customers who come with an implicit trust in your knowledge and advice. Return clients are even better. They help grow your reputation locally and make you the go-to contractor for jobs large and small. 

No matter how great a job you do on their home, it will be easy for homeowners to forget about the contractor who did the job. They may be too busy enjoying their home to leave a review or refer you. You want to be at the top of their mind the next time they decide to start a project on their home. Don’t leave it up to homeowners searching for you on Google. Maintain relationships with your clients to gain more referrals and repeat clients. 

Build Relationships

The second that you begin working with a new client, you should be doing everything right to start on the right foot. Starting a job off poorly will lead to clients questioning hiring you in the first place. Tailor your style to fit the homeowner’s space and keep everything clean. You don’t want to be considered hard to work with, be as accomodating as you can, and it will go a long way with clients. If you communicate with clients and are open, they’ll be more receptive if some bumps in the road do happen down the line. Remember to treat the client’s home as if it’s your own, take care and the time to do a good job, and it’ll pay dividends. 

Get More Reviews and Referrals

One group of clients may be so happy with your work that they tell everyone and their mother who remodeled their kitchen. These folks are amazing ambassadors for your business. They’re likely to recommend to you family members, coworkers, and neighbors. 

To engage with these clients even more, send out a survey once the job is almost completed. In the email, include links to your key social media accounts and invite the client to review you there and on Google and sites like Angie’s List. Your best clients become ambassadors for your business. Make sure it’s as easy for them to get the word out as possible!

Show Some Love Back

Today, it’s quite common for contractors to leave a generic thank you reply once they work with a client. To stand out, send a personalized thank you card to each client. If you’re close with the client, consider giving them a call to thank them. Going the extra mile will go a long way in clients remembering you when it’s time to take on the next home improvement project. 

Being an open communicator means being open to criticism as well. Take negative reviews in stride and do what you can to make the situation right. Always remain professional because you are representing your brand. Hearing the customer out can turn a negative review into a recurring client. Support beyond project completion is a great way to build trust. 

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