Starting and owning a small business is no easy task. There are many challenges to overcome, especially in the early years of the business as you begin to grow a vase. In plumbing and HVAC, it’s no different. By building up a strong reputation and client base, you can survive during the toughest economic times. Everyone can be successful when business is booming, but for a lasting name in the industry, you’ve got to put work in to establish yourself. 

Change Your Mindset

So often in the trades, successful businesspeople begin as contractors themselves, working for someone else. This helps give you the technical experience that you need to complete jobs and some insight into management and ownership. Your mindset needs to shift once your role does. To be a manager and owner, you need to be able to let go of the direct involvement in projects to grow. Hire folks that you can trust and train them appropriately. People typically rise to the opportunity to take on more responsibility in trades; trust them to represent your company. 

Grow Your Business

With a strong local reputation, some high-quality but less ambitious contractors can skate without marketing. Waiting for customers to come to you used to be viable, but you need to be making efforts to bring more sales in with the increased competition. You may worry that you don’t have the ability to handle a huge influx of new business. Marketing organically will help you scale your business, use social media and content on your website to build up your audience. Grow your website and marketing strategy as your business operations grow. 


It may seem strange, but making connections and partnerships with folks similar to you is a great way to grow. You can exchange ideas and sometimes even share some leads. Working with contractors that provide similar but different services that you do can be fruitful for both parties. Projects like new construction require trades of all kinds to get the job done, and networking can help you find more projects like that. 

Embrace Technology

There are so many tools out there today to make your life easier, from accounting software to project track to work to mobile applications that make the bidding process smarter & more. Plumbing and HVAC don’t require you to be a computer expert, but you should learn and stay on top of software and apps to make your business run more smoothly. 

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