Our team knows that one of the most difficult parts of any contractor’s job isn’t the remodel itself, but the process of securing that job in the first place! Bidding on a job can be an incredibly tedious, time-consuming, and oftentimes frustrating process, as you need to not only find interested customers in need of services, but also bid against the competition for the work! This means that you can spend days trying to land a job, visiting the client and discussing your services, just to lose the job to another contractor.

We at Blue Collar Lists were tired of this process, and we decided that there had to be a better way to bid on jobs without wasting so much time & energy if someone else has a more enticing proposal for the client. That’s why we created Blue Collar Lists! If you’re interested in learning more about how we’re changing the bidding process, keep reading below!

Bidding with Blue Collar Lists

We know how frustrating it can be to bid on a job and find out that another contractor has underbid you after you’ve visited the property multiple times and spent your time & energy trying to land the job. That’s why our team worked on designing an app where we could help contractors bidding on jobs save their time & money by allowing you to see if other contractors are bidding on the same job without needing to ask the homeowner themselves!

The most frustrating outcome for a contractor bidding on a job is after visiting with a client on multiple occasions, finding out that they’ve chosen another contractor and losing the lead after putting so much energy into the bid. We decided to combat that reality by building a feature into Blue Collar Lists that allows contractors to indicate whether they are bidding on a job at a particular property. This helps out contractors by giving you the opportunity to pass up a job that already has a few bids in order to find a job that will be faster & easier to land! Rather than waiting days or even weeks to hear back from a client while they collect bids, you can spend more time focusing on the leads that are doing more than collecting leads and kicking the tire down the road!

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