Blue Collar Lists is an app that was built by contractors for contractors. It contains valuable information about properties and recently completed projects in your area. You used to have to scour the web for information like when a home was last sold or have no idea if other contractors are also bidding on a job. With Blue Collar Lists, all of this information is in one place and available to you 24/7, in the office and on the road. Let’s dive deeper into what makes Blue Collar Lists the top app for contractors.

Property Details At Your Finger Tips

No one wants to waste time, especially while you’re on the clock. Blue Collar Lists allows you to see if jobs are worth it for you before heading to the property yourself. Information like the last sale date, the home’s value, and more for over 140 million properties are right in the easy to use app. 

Another key feature of the app is the bid activity database, which allows you to stay in the know when another contractor in your trade bids on the job. Bids are kept anonymous for privacy, but you’ll know the competitiveness of a job. 

Real Local Reviews

In the past, contractors have had to deal with unfair reviews on sites like Angie’s Lists without recourse and telling their side of the story. Blue Collar Lists gives contractors insight into what it’s like to deal with a homeowner throughout the working relationship. It’s been a struggle to get this kind of information before, and often; contractors go into a job based on a couple of phone conversations. By working with homeowners who are recommended by contractors in your area, you’re more likely to have a happy customer who will, in turn, leave you positive reviews and lead to more business. Not everyone works the same way and finding clients who work well with your style is a great way to make sure everyone’s happy. 

On top of that, the app rewards you for leaving reviews. You gain points towards awesome prizes and sweepstakes entries every time you leave feedback. 

Keeps You Organized

At some point in everyone’s career, disorganization has cost time or money. It usually takes hard work to stay organized, but it’s made a lot easier for contractors with Blue Collar Lists. Once you begin working with a client, you can store all of their information conveniently in the app. You can even send customers a from right through the app that they fill out with everything that you need. There are no more scribbling notes and phone numbers down, everything is right in the app, clearly labeled and integrated directly with Google Maps. Notes and photos are easy to add to a project so that you can upload them to social media and your website later on. 

Blue Collar Lists was created to make the lives of contractors today easier. Download the app today.


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