Marketing isn’t always the number one priority as a contractor. But with these competitive industries, it’s important always to find new ways to grow your business. There is so much to do when you run your own business, but it’s essential to focus on marketing so that your business isn’t edged out by your competition. Take steps to ensure that your business stands out. 

Bring You Company Online

Now obviously providing home improvement, plumbing, electrical, and other contractor services must be done in person. But today, most potential customers are searching online when they need something done on or at their home. Now more than ever, people are surfing the internet and visiting social media platforms. So that means that you need to be in these places to stay relevant in your locale. You’ll most likely want to hire a professional and work with them to create a website that represents your brand and services well. 

Build Your Brand

Consistency is key in life, and branding is no exception. You need to make sure that your brand is represented accurately online as well as in person. This means having a logo for your company, some kind of design for your trucks, and some other design materials, both print and digital. Most contractors have been marketing well on the ground and in the field, but the efforts much be matched online nowadays. So make sure that business directories and listing websites have all of your information displayed accurately. You don’t want to miss out on great opportunities because an old phone number that you no longer use is connected to your business somewhere online. This also includes setting up a Google My Business account and keeping that account updated with any changes to your business’ services, hours, address & more. 

Invest in Social Media

Today, more people are engaging with their friends, family, brands they enjoy & more on social media. It’s the new town square for most people. So that means you need to be on Facebook and other platforms, engaging with potential customers, posting recent projects that you’ve work on, and more. Showing real examples of some of the great work you’ve done is a tried and true method in the trades. You can also exhibit customer service on social media, answering any questions, and showing potential customers that you’re listening to them. 

Build Trust Online

You’ll always want to include testimonials on your website from real clients that you’ve worked with. Trust is a huge part of this business, and letting some of your happiest customers express their experience working with you is the best way to do that. It’s often the first thing that one checks when they search for a contractor, they’re looking for 5-stars. Bad reviews happen, and when they do, it’s essential to manage them by making the situation right or having fraudulent negative reviews removed. Show that you’ll be there for them throughout the project, and it’ll inevitably lead to more phone calls coming your way.

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