Homebuilders weren’t immune to the changes that the pandemic brought about. With everyone’s lifestyles being impacted, homeowners are looking for new features to get the most out of their homes while likely spending more time there. Buyers see the value in extra space for learning or working from home or the need for other additions to fit their new lifestyle. People have always wanted to be comfortable at home, but we’ve all experienced changes in our lives that may have changed what it takes to be comfortable. Keep reading for the ideas and trends that will shape the industry this year. 

Cities Aren’t for Everyone

Many people throughout the country have started working from home if their job and industry allow. This will likely mean that many won’t need to live in cities with easy access to the office once the world is back to normal. People are moving from major cities in droves to take advantage of lower prices and more amenities in the suburbs. It used to be that you needed to live in a city or close to one for many jobs, but the internet allows more and more folks to work remotely. 

The Bigger, The Better

One of the biggest trends of the 2010s was downsizing to do away with unnecessary space. Now, with more time spent at home, we see the opposite. People want more space for a growing family or for family members to move in. The price points of home sales have diversified greatly from starter homes in most areas of the country. 

Going Virtual

In 2020, we learned the value of video conferencing and other tools to show homes without being in person. Industry leaders have shifted to offering online appointments, virtual docusigns, and more well-built websites. Homeowners and buyers looking to work on their homes now expect you to offer tools that remove the need for in-person planning. People moving from out of state will especially a well-built website showing examples of your work and with information about virtual appointments clearly stated. 

Make it Comfortable

With understandable concern about catching the virus, many are interesting in better ventilation and wellness features in their homes. This could mean an improved HVAC system and a home built with sustainable and green building materials. For some, it may be a home gym to keep themselves and their family healthy. 

Homebuilders and contractors must adjust to the needs of homeowners and buyers. Being familiar with trends is a great way to close deals and impress your clients. Stay up to date in our ever-changing world. 

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