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The features of Blue Collar Lists make the app. Blue Collars Lists helps you gain an edge by providing you with data and features that you can’t get elsewhere.

  • Read and Write Reviews: Our member’s only platform provides a place for contractors to review homeowners and projects.
  • Send Project Info: Before placing any bids get important info from homeowners like budget, timeline, contact info, photos, and more.
  • My Project Folder: All of your project info stored in one place.
  • Get Rewarded: Earn points by reviewing homeowners, reporting tire-kickers, inviting fellow contractors, and more.
  • See Bid Activity: Anonymous bid tracker helps you stay informed about what other contractors are offering to potential leads

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Before hopping in your truck to go place a bid on a project, our app allows you to access data from over 140m properties right at your fingertips. Important data like the appraised value, last sold data, price, and many more, all in one place.
If you’ve already begun to work with a customer, you can request project info like budget, meeting times, photos, and more right in the app!

The days of scratching down addresses on the back of hardware store receipts are over. Staying organized can be difficult in this business, but you always have your phone with you, so you’ve always got Blue Collar Lists Project Folder.

Customer Reviews

Make Sure the Job is a Good Fit
Before Any Work Begins.

Instead of wondering what your competitors are offering to a potential customer, enjoy our bid activity database to help you stay informed and ready to make a competitive offer for a potential customer. All bids are anonymous, protecting confidential information but also helping you stay informed and ahead of the curve!

Reviews of homeowners in your area are right at the tip of your fingers. Knowing what type of situation you’re heading into with a homeowner is essential. A phone call doesn’t always tell you the full scope of the project or what it’s like to work with a potential customer. Real reviews from real contractors like you can help you find projects that match your style and approach.

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Rewards & Sweepstakes

Get Rewarded for Things You're Already Doing.

While our main goal is to help you find local, qualified leads, we want to have a bit of fun along the way! Earn points on our app in a variety of ways to spend on trips, gear & more! Earn points simply by using the app. Reviewing homeowners, reporting tire kickers, and inviting other contractors are some of the ways to earn points for awesome rewards!

After you’ve completed a project, write a review of the job to earn rewards points! Help other contractors, or yourself, by letting everyone know about any special concerns or issues that the homeowner may have had for their project.

Furthermore, you can report tire kickers who may have wasted your time collecting bids, just to put the project off for a later date!

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