The landscape for contractors is competitive throughout the country. It can be challenging to find high-quality projects that allow you to grow your business and even more difficult to know which leads are qualified. There are many marketing and lead generation sources out there. All contractors could use more leads to help expand and grow their business and improve more homes. Regular customers will be around, but with a difficult economy, it’s essential to always be growing your opportunities and finding new customers. You need to have a plan and strategy in place to generate leads efficiently and affordably. Finding what works best for you and being open to new lead sources is crucial.

Localized SEO

It’s 2020, as a contractor, you’ve got to be using technology as part of your business. Resources and tools online can help customers find you. Local SEO pertains to where your business appears when Google users search for contractors in your area (or whatever service you offer). Depending on your area, it can be competitive to improve your websites ranking for the services that you offer. Even with a strong brick and mortar and real-world presence, it’s important to build your brand online as well. These potential customers are typically easy to work with as they are the ones seeking to improve their homes. 

Paid Ads (PPC)

This goes right along with localized SEO in terms of building your business online. Buying ad space on Google will help you get in front of people looking to remodel their homes. It can be expensive compared to SEO, because you are buying ads rather than creating content for and optimizing the website that you already have. Start small with advertising, find out what works for you, and increase your ad spending to reach a wider audience. Paid ads may only be a seasonal option for you based on your business, but they’re certainly worth trying for all contractors. 

Social Media

Facebook and other social media websites have huge user bases, so you want to get your message to folks there as well. Along with SEO and any paid ads that you’re doing, this is another online channel to promote your brand and gain leads. Facebook is the strongest social media channel for contractors because that’s where homeowners are! Make sure to include before and after photos of your projects and showcase your best work. High-quality social media posts are often shared and can reach more people than you had imagined. 

Sift Through Your Leads

Let’s face it, some of the leads that you receive from online sources aren’t going to be as high-quality as someone contacting you in person or phone. Use tools like the Blue Collar Lists App to research the properties from your lead sources. Blue Collar Lists provides you with useful information regarding property and reviews about the homeowners. Plus, you can get information from the homeowner, all before committing to a bid. You don’t have to drive all around town trying to decide whether or not a job is worth it for you. 

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