Reduce, reuse, recycle. Go green. When you hear these phrases, you think of helping the environment. As a contractor, going green means using building materials that are good for the planet but also help make homes more comfortable and healthier to live in. Contractors across the country have a great opportunity to give their clients a green home makeover and help the earth at the same time. Below are some reasons to start growing green as a contractor. 

For the Environment

Construction, commercial, and residential alike, can have a significant impact on the environment. The techniques, operations, and building materials used all add up to impact the planet typically negatively. Old shingles and other building materials commonly end up in landfills polluting. 

To combat this, consider building green with recyclable materials. Many manufacturers today offer tremendously efficient recycled building materials that perform in all seasons. As a contractor, it’s crucial to follow installation directions and guidelines for the product to get the most out of it. 

Top of the line products from leading green manufacturers reduce the carbon footprint of the homeowner as well. So the benefit to the planet doesn’t stop after installation. 

It’s Healthier

A major benefit of green building is the healthier atmosphere that it provides. A new green roof will improve the air quality of a home as well as the thermal quality. That means less burden on your heating and cooling systems. That also means that they’re exerting less energy and making less noise. Building green improves the quality of life of homeowners, which can be a huge selling point when discussing green roofs and building overall. 

Saves Money

The payoff for homeowners and your clients isn’t immediate from green roofs and buildings. Sometimes they do have a higher initial cost, but the payoff surely is worth it. In the long run, a home’s utility bills will be lowered, and the value of your home will increase in the event the homeowner decide to ever sell. As we mentioned, the leading manufacturers in the building industry have high performing free offerings that are of higher quality than alternatives. 


Offering green building products and practices can help you set yourself apart from competitors in your area. Today, many homeowners are looking to decrease their homes’ carbon footprints, but even more are interested in saving money and making their homes more efficient. It’s advantageous for everyone to shift towards green building and can help you grow your business by offering top of the line products and techniques.

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