Blue Collar Lists is an app that was build to finally give contractors the edge that they need. Typically, most websites and apps out there are built from the client or homeowner perspective, not for contractors. But this app was designed to help contractors get information about properties, homeowners, and potential bids. It’s becoming one of the essential tools for contractors today. Staying organized on the road has never been easier. Learn more about how Blue Collar Lists can help save you time.

Review Homeowners

Typically, when contractors head into a home for the first time, they’ve only had a phone call or two with a homeowner, so you aren’t always positive about the situation you’re heading into. This can sometimes lead to difficulty with pushy homeowners or problems with payments. The app’s review system allows contractors in your area to review homeowners, which helps you identify ones that you’d enjoy working with. By checking out reviews, you can avoid any tire kickers in your area to save you time and keep you focused on projects that will move your business forward.

Learn About Properties in Your Area

Insight into properties around you can give you valuable information that you can use to find potential opportunities. The app contains data from over 140 million properties, so you can know the home’s value, when it was last sold, and more before consulting the homeowner. By having all of this information all in one place, you can save time on the road and don’t have to do guesswork any longer. 

View Bid Activity

Another strong local feature of the Blue Collar Lists App is the ability to see bid activity on properties. You can see how many bids are in for a project anonymously, by trade. With this information, you can decide to move on to a less competitive project or decide to go for the big fish. 

Info Stored Simply & Easily

It can be a challenge to keep track of important info when you’re out on the road, working in homes, and picking up supplies. That’s where Blue Collar Lists comes in as a project management solution. Once you’ve got projects booked, you can request information from homeowners right through the app, where it’ll be organized neatly. You can also include photos and notes in this folder to make no miscommunications happen between you and the client. Everyone has their phones handy today, so it only makes sense to add Blue Collar Lists to your toolkit if you’re a contractor interested in saving time. 

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