In the past year or so, many people have spent more time at home and that means homeowners have noticed areas they want to upgrade. The lives of many have adjusted to more of a stay-at-home lifestyle and that has people rethinking their homes. This had led to a shift in the projects that people are having done. Keep reading below to learn some of the top trends this year.

Connecting the Interior & Exterior

Since people are spending more time at home, that means they want to get outside more. That means seamless entryways into the home plus tons of windows to let light in. Homeowners appreciate being able to enjoy their outdoor space more easily, so new sliding doors with a deck can be a great option. Many will want to replace windows because of the many benefits they offer. Be on the lookout for many homeowners interested in replacing windows to cut costs and increase natural light. 

Functional Outdoor Living

Like we mentioned earlier, people want to get more of their outdoor spaces. That means the front and the back of the home, improvements can be made in both spaces. If you’re in a diverse climate, homeowners will want spaces that they can use in all weather. People love decks and patios for gathering but cooking outdoors has become as popular as ever. Many are looking for an ideal space for a grill and dining space for their friends and family. Masons are busier than ever with many building their outdoor oasis and including outdoor fireplaces or firepits. Being creative and flexible is one of the best ways to create an outdoor space that your clients will love. 

Space to Relax

Life is stressful and we aren’t able to do a lot of the things we used to enjoy, which has led to people shifting their hobbies and activities indoors. Many are looking for a place in their home to decompress and get away in a spa-like space. This could be a room used for exercise or a sanctuary for plants. No matter the use, new windows can help a space feel truly inviting plus vitamin d from the sun is shown to improve mood.

A Home Office

Many new homes today include a home office, but not everyone lives in a new home, so there are many interested in building an office at home. Tons of people are working from their homes and some have children learning from home. Now that we are in different times, homeowners are realizing it’s time to settle in and make some permanent changes to their homes for the better. No one wants to work from their kitchen table forever. 

Everyone has adjusted and that means that homeowners’ needs have adjusted. You’ve got to stay agile and fit their needs as a contractor. 

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